Sackville Ward Visit

Had a wonderful Sabbath Day visiting the Sackville Ward on Sunday.  We were able to see Elder Ray and Elder Wolvers who have been working diligently to bless the area.

Elder Wolvers and Elder Ray

What a remarkable ward–very kind and welcoming members.  Enjoyed so much meeting all of them and spending some time at the home of Bishop and Sister Johnson.

L to R–Elder Wolvers, Elder Ray, Pres. Pratt


Annapolis Royal the Beautiful

We recently visited the beautiful Annapolis Royal Valley.  It is truly a picturesque area.

DSC00147 DSC00149

We saw our great missionaries, Elder Hatch and Elder Kelley.  They have been doing some creative missionary work.  They recently participated in a poetry reading event during the Annapolis Arts Unleashed celebration (I would have liked to have been there).


Elder Kelley (l) and Elder Hatch (r)

The members in the branch showed their hospitality at an after church “meet n greet.”  Very thoughtful!

NL Temple Trip

You can’t imagine the riveting stories we heard from our stalwart, happy St. Johns Branch members.  There were more than 20 members who traveled here to spend time in the temple for two days.  We were lucky enough to have some of them stay with us.  We will never forget it.

FullSizeRender (12)_edited

The entire NL group.

FullSizeRender (17)_edited

The fun, kind group that stayed in our home.

Prince Edward Island

Our first visit to Prince Edward Island, and we were not the least bit disappointed–it really is as beautiful as everyone says!

DSC00042 DSC00051

We visited with our senior couple in Summerside (the other Pratts).


Elder and Sis. Pratt with Pres. Pratt

Elder Harding–Knocking on doors . . .


Elder Harding

We did stop by to see the Anne of Green Gables home.


Our last stop was Charlottetown.  We met with some very great and kind people in the Charlottetown Ward.  We saw our 2 sets of missionaries–Sis. Moore and Sis. Barfuss as well as Elder Nielsen and Elder Batley.


Pres. Pratt street contacting with Elder Batley and Elder Nielsen


Pres. Pratt has an added appreciation of our missionaries after his foray into street contacting.  We are both so impressed with all our great Elders and Sisters.  They work very hard and are truly obedient.