Zone Conference in Moncton, NB

Yesterday we had a wonderful zone conference in New Brunswick.  The training was exceptional and the missionaries happy and fun to be with.  Hope you enjoy the photos of these great missionaries. We tried to get photos of everyone, but they don’t always cooperate!

DSC00409 DSC00410 DSC00411 DSC00413

More photos.

DSC00443 DSC00445 DSC00444 DSC00442 DSC00440 DSC00420 DSC00422 DSC00429 DSC00438 DSC00419 DSC00417 DSC00415

We have included a couple of photos taken from our car window on the drive there.  Wildflowers are everywhere on the sides of the road.

DSC00395  DSC00397 DSC00396DSC00399 DSC00400 DSC00406


One thought on “Zone Conference in Moncton, NB

  1. Merci pour les photos , de voir notre fils Elder Portellano resplendissant de joie ainsi que tous les missionnaires dommage pour Elder Snickers et Van trap qui n’ont pas pu y être. Restez forts .


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