One chapter ends and another begins…

Pratt's & Leavitt's

President & Sister Pratt arrived last night to the Canada Halifax mission. President & Sister Leavitt picked them up at the airport and drove them to the mission home, where they will be living for the next three years. This morning they came to the mission office with the Leavitts and with mixed emotions we said good bye to President & Sister Leavitt and welcomed President & Sister Pratt. It was a rare picture moment for the first 25 minutes as we, Elder & Sister Stewart, Elder & Sister Harding, Elder Erickson and Dudley, all danced in and out of photos so that we could create fond memories to treasure of the friendships we  had formed and the ones to be formed.

After the Leavitts left for the airport we sat down as a group with President & Sister Pratt and had a wonderful lunch filled with moments of laughter and getting to know one another. It was a wonderful beginning to another chapter of the Canada Halifax Mission.


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