Canada Halifax Mission Boundaries

Boundaries Include:

  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Newfoundland-Labrador
  • Prince Edward Island
  • and part of Maine in the United States


“The earliest settlements in this area date back to the early 1600s, and there is a unique cultural blend of Irish, English, and French. There are many communities that boast a predominantly French population, and that, combined with unique and colorful Nova Scotian/Newfoundland expressions and accents, makes it a fun and interesting place to serve…

“Missionaries have served here since the early days of the restoration of the church. The first missionaries came to Nova Scotia in 1847. Such well known leaders as Truman G. Madsen, Boyd K. Packer, Paul H. Dunn, and David B. Sorensen have presided over the area in the past. Much has been accomplished, but there is much more to be done.”

-Brian D. Leavitt
Mission President
Canada Halifax Mission (2015)


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