….in the beginning

The Canada-Maritimes Mission was formed August 1, 1973, as a result of the reorganization of the New England Mission. The new mission included within its boundaries four of Canada’s ten provinces—New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland—as well as two branches in northern Maine and a branch in far-off Greenland, covering a total area of 105,625 square miles. It was reorganized as “Canada Halifax Mission” on June 20, 1974.

At the time of this BLOG creation we were in the process of saying good-bye to Pres. & Sister Leavitt and welcoming Pres. & Sister Pratt.

Here’s a list of current and past Mission Presidents of the Canada Halifax Mission.

  1. 2012-2015, Brian D. Leavitt
  2. 2009-2012, Craig W. Simpson
  3. 2006-2009, S. Gardner Jacobsen
  4. 2003-2006, Allen Brice Gurney
  5. 2000-2003, Lynn Holt Blake
  6. 1997-2000, Byron R. Christensen
  7. 1994-1997, Bradley C. Miller
  8. 1991-1994, Richard I. Winwood
  9. 1988-1991, Lynn W. Wood
  10. 1985-1988, David E. Sorensen
  11. 1982-1985, Ray D. Hassell
  12. 1979-1982, James A. Kenning
  13. 1976-1979, Merlin O. Baker
  14. 1973-1976, Thurn J. Baker


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